On behalf of the staff at Animal Medical Center of Troy, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website’s Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the following Pet Memorial Form in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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8/5/07 – 9/2/21

Nutter was a wonderful cat. He was special in so many ways. We will miss him so very much but we know he is at peace. He has no pain. There is no suffering. He sprouted his wings and his halo right away as he crossed that bridge. True love for an animal is so pure, sacred, and kind. The memories we have will help us to smile. We could not be more thankful for everyone at Animal Medical Center of Troy. Everyone was so kind and understanding. Dr. Tallis helped us immensely through the experience and it was greatly appreciated. Rest comfortably Nutter (Peanut), we love you.

Mom, Dad, Morgan, and the other furbabies






2/9/2002 – 3/31/2012

It is with great sadness to announce the passing away of our family pet, Peaches.  She died peacefully in her sleep early Saturday morning, March 31st, 2012.  In the fall of 2011, Peaches came down with a kidney disease called protein losing nephropathy.  This loss of protein caused her to lose muscle mass and retain water in her abdomen.  The veterinarian said she wouldn’t make it through the winter.  She made it through the winter with two weeks to spare.  Though her illness prematurely ended her life, it did not seem to inflect any physical pain.  She was a happy dog, loved all people and gave us her unconditional love.  We will miss her dearly and she will live on in our memories for the rest of our lives.

~Michael O’Dowd



7/01/2002 – 05/03/2011

May 3, 2011

Dear Sweet Syd,

Today we had to say good by to you and I was just not ready for that at all.  You were the best dog in every way possible and I just love you so much and miss you terribly.  I know you needed to go and we did the right thing by you but for me….I just want you back here with me so I feel better.

I am devastated by the loss of your sweet, sweet presence in my life.  We were constant companions over these last 9 years and we covered many, many miles hiking together.  My heart is broken, Syd, and I just want you back.  We all love you so much… you mean so much to each one of us and you probably didn’t even realize it, you were just being you and that was something really special.

I loved to smell you especially your warm puppy feet but I also loved to sniff your ears or just smash my face up in your neck and smell your warmth.  You were always very patient about the amount of sniffing and kissing we needed to give you and when you were in the mood you would kiss us back.

We buried you today on our land here at Perry Lake.  That was something I had never envisioned doing and way harder than anything else I have ever done.  I can hardly stand it, still.  We wrapped you in a nice blanket and put some of your favorite slippers with you and also your skunky, and your teddy bear and a toy that you have had since you were a puppy.  We will plant a rose bush on your grave and I know we will visit you often but I will always be thinking of you not just when I am there.  When I took Mr. Puppy out tonight before going to bed he was taking a really long time to come back so I got the flashlight out and headed out the driveway and found him at your graveside.  That was really heartbreaking too.  Syd, you were his alpha dog and he is missing you terribly along with the rest of us.  What are we going to do without you?  I feel so desperate to have you back.  I hope time will ease this pain and we can just remember how much fun we had with you and all the love we gave and got back.

You will never be forgotten, Syd, you are a once in a lifetime, special gift from God.

Love you Princess, always.

Your Mommy.


Misty passed away on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at the age of 13. Misty was survived by her loving owners, Kim and Dave Shovan. She is greatly missed by her extended family, Laura and James Benson. Misty was the beloved pet of Kim and Dave and an inspiration to every life she touched during her time on earth. Her presence will be greatly missed.


Moselle passed away on Friday, August 04, 2006 at the age of 11. Moselle was survived by her loving owner, Kris Cabell. Moselle was the beloved pet of Kris and an inspiration to every life she touched in her time on earth and her presence will be greatly missed.


Barkley (Adopted) August 1997 – 8/31/2006 Barkley was the beloved, devoted friend and companion to Heather and Paul Johnson. He is greatly missed by us and his extended family, including Michael, Monica, Joshua, Ami, Andy, and Matthew. Barkley, enjoy playing with the angels in Heaven until we meet again.


Enjoying his Christmas gift


Sweet Suzy, you were our faithful, sweet kitty for over 15 years. We will miss you terribly. We loved the way you demanded your drink of water out of the Dixie cup, how you sat for your treats and how you loved to bask in the warm sun on the front porch. You were always at the door to greet us when we came home from work or school. Thank you for so much love.


Sport will be missed terribly by her family and many friends.



Violet aka Dingman, survived by big brother Zeke. So loved and will be forever remembered for all the joy and laughter she brought into our lives. Finally at peace.


October 2000  to January 16, 2014

Moosey, we miss your cold wet nose and droopy eyes. We miss your love of cheese, and the purring sounds you made when we pet your ears. We miss the clickety-clack of your nails on the kitchen floor, and your wagging tail when we arrived home. Your kisses, your patience, your low clearance, your ability to protect us from snakes- we miss all of these things. But most of all, our loving friend, we just miss knowing that you are with us.